Über: Jason Godfrey – Bibliographic, 100 Classic Graphic Design Books

For this beautifully-designed piece, Jason Godfrey has created a list of classic graphic design books, based on his own collection and those of his designer friends. He identified a need for an illustrated resource of graphic design publishing; a need that becomes greater as many of the books he listed are increasingly difficult to get hold of.

Godfrey’s taxonomic system provides a very good place to start when broadening our knowledge on the subject. In the introduction, he walks us through his process of selection and explains a bit about each of the categories he created (Typography, Sourcebooks, Textbooks, History Books, Anthologies, Monographs). High quality images from rare books on the matter are each followed by a very informative review. The imagery takes up a big proportion of the pages and the content is extensive.

To make a book is already in itself a heroic act. To make a book about books can have an even bigger impact. No matter how competitive our field can be, there are still people who choose to pass their knowledge on. That’s inspiring and encourages us to do the same.